BONUS #11 - THE 21st Century Entrepreneurship Companion Worksheet Part 1


Instructions and Tasks

* Take Notes and date your work so you can chart your progress

* Use the content as a guideline to follow and model after your business

* Use the BLUE MARKER arrows to head your outline and keep you on track

* Always make a clean outline and photocopy it so you can use it for every new product or service you provide


Read the Section about Group Leverage

Reflection Question: What relationships can I leverage?

Write what the 1 Benefit is that you can see from each relationship listed.

Read the Section about Joint Venture Alliance

Reflection Question: Are there any Joint Venture Alliances that can possibly help my business and what I am trying to do?

Write the List

Next to Each Probable Business Partnership write 3-5 Pro's and 3-5 Con's

Read the Section about Traffic Leverage

Reflection Question: Where are some of my networks?

How can I organically cultivate traffic using relationships I already have?

Safe Rule of Thumb for ANY Business Endeavor

Remember: INVEST your time and your money, don’t SPEND it!

Reflection Question: Let's do a quick assessment of your money matters.

Where have you wasted money? Where have you been scared to invest it, but wanted to?

Where have you invested your money and it produced much more than you spent?

Where do you see an opportunity to successfully get a return on your investment with this particular business venture?

Labor Replication

Reflection Question: What parts of your business can you replicate and/or automate?


The Most Important Aspect of Living Your BEST LIFE, in my opinion, is living a Purpose Driven Life just like the book teaches. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you pick up a copy and the companion workbook to go along with it.

If you do not LOVE what you are doing, then in my world you aren’t living in, on, for, and through purpose. To me, that is why so many entrepreneurs are unfulfilled. I cannot stress enough that money will never make you happy. For that reason, your end game can never be chasing money... for it will outrun you every time!

Be authentic, tap into your gifts, hone your skills, and your audience will be blessed by what you have to offer and will take the journey to greatness alongside you.