BONUS #6 - 2021 Life Mastery Series Calendar of Success

Believe it or not this calendar is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to your growth and success, because it forces you into a laser focused approach to operating and running your business and/or life. Please read through the elements of the calendar and follow along in your notebook so that you can chart your progress, make course adjustments when necessary, but most of all celebrate your milestones whenever you have a chance.

I use spiral notebooks because they just work for me. Use whatever works for you and remember, NO PRESSURE. If you look at the comprehensiveness of this course or any of my courses, then you can easily get overwhelmed and I don't want that. I want you to have the freedom to learn at your own pace, because life is still happening while you have decided to do this. No one understands that better than me.

My favorite reminder to my clients is this; you don't have to be first to finish the race, just finish!